Connor's Dol - Sneak Peak

Connor's parents, Narae and Jack, first met in high school, playing volleyball for their respective teams. They dated a little while then but lost contact with one another after high school for about 10 years. Then one day, they reconnected when Jack accepted an invitation for a pick-up volleyball game & BBQ that Narae organized. She needed to get her volleyball fix and so she reach reached out to just about everyone in her life that she knew who played the game! The two quickly rekindled a romance and just a few years later, they had moved through the timeline of an engagement, marriage, and parenthood - welcoming their first baby boy, Connor, into the world!

His grandparents from both sides didn't waste any opportunity throughout the celebration to dote their love on him. Being the first grandchild for both families, we can totally understand why! Plus, just look at that smile - how could anyone resist?

The Winnie the Pooh theme was whimsical, light and cheerful. Narae did most of the work herself, and NO small detail was left out.

I was asked no less than 8 times by different members of Connor's family whether I was hungry and if they could get a plate of food together for me. There's something special in the air when everyone in the room gets the family treatment! Although I politely declined in favor of continuing to document the day, they sent this photographer home with an amazing Korean dinner and enough cupcakes and sweets to force me to not skip exercise this week.

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." Winnie the Pooh. Happy 1st Birthday, Connor!

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