Unique San Antonio Family Portraits

When I approach any project, I challenge myself to discern and capture the personalities and relationships between the subjects. In family portrait sessions, this is especially important. I have had the pleasure of being BJ's friend since 2001. It was a profound privilege to preserve this special moment in his family's life. Today, I wanted to share a little bit of the thoughts and questions I think of behind the scenes.

How do you get families to play and be themselves in front of a camera?

It's as much about the expressions you don't see as the ones you do.

Can you "hear" a photo?

Can you capture love, safety, comfort, joy, vulnerability, and hope in one moment?

How do you preserve a child's boundless personality in a 4x6 frame?

Can you "feel" warmth in a photo?

If she treasured one photo 40 years from today, would it be this one?

BJ and Liz, with all the brilliant and joyous moments you have shared in your lives together, I hope that this day - a typical, ordinary day in your neighborhood park - helps you to remember what makes your family life so special. All you need is what you embody so well - love.

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