What is a Legacy Film?

"When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground." - African Proverb

How much do you know about your grandparents? How did your great-grandparents meet? It's not difficult to imagine that our attitudes, values, and beliefs may be influenced by generations of family members who came before us. Being connected to a lineage of people who have lived through the same life stages you have experienced (or will) - childhood, adolescence, adulthood to late adulthood - during different times throughout history may reveal more about you than you could ever imagine. Sure, traveling abroad can broaden your horizons but no earthly destination can reveal as much as a journey back in time through your family heritage.

We often daydream about writing the stories of Tomorrow, but we are not often as diligent about recording the stories of Yesterday. When our loved ones are gone, we are left with opaque accounts of their lives, accessible only through pictures, second-hand stories, and if we are lucky maybe even some home movies or personal journals. My future children will never hear my grandmother's daily prayers. When they ask me where our family comes from, I'll only be able to share a facsimile of the immigrant journey that my grandparents took.

A Legacy Film is our purposeful pursuit to pose the questions that we, as blissful children, don't yet have the wisdom to ask but as adult existentialists yearn to have answered. What was it like? What did you dream of? What did you learn? What did it mean? Through these film projects, we hope to preserve the stories to await their audience - for posterity to be greeted by availability. Our first full-length feature is being delivered this week, and we can't wait for this family to have a truly unique movie night with Nanny and the three generations of "big ones and little ones" who followed her own story. One day, her great-grandchildren will watch the film again as adults - maybe even again when they have grandchildren of their own. And though I won't be around to know the impact of the film then, I hope they'll reap the benefits of the time that their family members invested into this beautiful project all those years ago.

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